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About us

Statement of purpose


We have offices in London and Kent and are proud to have built strong and trusted relationships with Local Authorities in these regions. We are also in the midst of expanding the areas we operate in to further increase our support services.

As a fostering agency, we believe wholeheartedly in building local communities of foster carers who we can look after and work closely with, and who, in turn, can support one another. Our carers tell us that working with Fostering Support Group is a great experience, and that the support and personal touch we provide makes a real difference to them and the young people in their care.

Staffing structures

Head of Service - Vevene Muhammad
Admin Manager - Sharon Marshall
SSW - Cheryl Russell / Shelleyne Munroe
SSW - Jade Brown
SSW - Nicola Whitfield
SSW Admin Support - Deborah Eno
Referrals and Placements Officer - Theresa Beauchamp
Marketing & Recruitment Coordinator - Denise Dickenson
Part-time Therapist - Sally Carson


Established in 1989, Fostering Support Group Ltd was one of the first independent fostering agencies to provide placements to Local Authorities. The majority of our foster carers were recruited in South London, Kent and Sussex.

In 2005, we were acquired by Care UK; our fundamental services continued but the agency was renamed as Care UK Children’s Services. In December 2010, the agency was acquired by CareTech Ltd and changed its name to CareTech Foster Care Ltd. However, the two name changes led to some confusion and in May 2012, the decision was made to revert back to our original name – Fostering Support Group (FSG).

FSG has two offices – one in South London and a satellite office in Kent – the London office is registered with Ofsted and received a rating of ‘Good’ in their last Ofsted inspections.

The agency is managed by a team of experienced and qualified professionals, who are dedicated to providing innovative, needs-centred service for children and young people in foster care.

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